BARRE Wire Picture Hanging Kit for Nursery Decor with 24 Picture Hangers - Set of 2 - Stainless Steel

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Barre wire picture hanging tool is made with good craftsmanship. This picture perfect hanging system is solid and sturdy steel material that makes it great for practically keeping the sun out of your house or letting it shine in. Each wire hanging kit comes with a 196 inches long wire rod and 2 mounting pieces, a corner piece and 24 hanging curtain hooks to hang your pictures or kids' art. It gives you the flexibility to adjust it to your desired length to utilize it over your window, patio or balcony door. Not only wire picture hanging system or an art display unit to showcase your kids artwork, it can be also used as a curtain wire rod set for hanging your curtains.


  • Comes as a set of 2 with total 48 hanging clips
  • Up to 196” long adjustable wire rod 
  • Stainless steel wall hanging kit
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to install 


Product Dimensions:

  • Mounting Piece: Diameter 2" | Depth 2.9"
  • Wire Rod:  Diameter 0.07" | Length 196" 
  • Curtain Hook Clips: Height 1.8" | Width 0.4"

Weight Capacity (Each): Up to 12 Lbs (Drywall Installation) 

 Package Also Includes: Mounting Hardware, and Instructions Manual