BRIX Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack – 17” Depth – Set of 2 – Black


If you're a wine enthusiast or simply enjoy the occasional glass of red or white, you may find yourself in need of a wine glass holder for your kitchen. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from, including wine glass racks, hanging glass racks, and under cabinet wine glass holders. One popular choice is the Brix wine glass rack under the cabinet, which can be easily mounted beneath a cabinet or shelf to save counter space. These racks come in various sizes, such as the 17-inch wine glass rack, and can hold multiple glasses at once. Brix is the hanging wine glass rack, which suspends your glasses from the ceiling or underside of a shelf. These racks can be particularly stylish and add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen or home bar. For those who prefer a more discreet look, there are under cabinet glass racks and wine glass brackets under shelves. These holders can blend seamlessly into your kitchen decor and keep your glasses within easy reach. If you're looking for a portable option, a countertop wine glass rack may be your best bet. These can be easily moved around your kitchen. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a glass of wine after a long day, a wine glass holder can make all the difference. Consider purchasing a 2 pack wine glass holder or a stem glass holder under cabinet for even more convenience. Brands like Wallniture wine glass holders or glass wine rack also offer quality options to choose from. With so many styles and designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect wine glass holder for your kitchen.


  • Fully assembled
  • Stylish single sectional design
  • Each rack holds up to 5 glasses
  • Sturdy steel material
  • Easy to install with included hardware

    Product Dimensions (Each): D 17" x W 5" x H 1.6"

    Package Also Includes: Mounting Hardware