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CORDONE Set with 20 Clips, 4 Sectional

CORDONE Set with 20 Clips, 4 Sectional



Create a memorable corner with all your favorite moments and photos from your favorite vacations you can create a wall space to help you jump on the bandwagon to take a walk on memory lane whenever you want to remember and cherish those moments once more.

▪ You hang your Polaroids, print-outs and other images with ease and style.

▪ Affordable, unique, multi-functional and can be utilized in any room.

▪ Create a visual board to boost your productivity.

▪ Unique DIY multi photo wall display.

▪ Adjustable strings for different size of photos or paper display.

Product Dimensions: Rail W 17.6” Each Cable H 29”

Package Also Includes: Wall Mounting Hardware