DIJON Under Cabinet or Wall Mount Wine Rack – 5 Sectional – Black


If you're a wine enthusiast with limited space, you might want to consider a wine rack that can be mounted on the wall or installed under the cabinet. A wall-mounted wine rack is an excellent option for creating a stylish display while saving floor space. The wine racks for the wall come in various styles, from traditional to modern, and can hold multiple bottles. If you want to keep your wine within easy reach while cooking, an under cabinet wine rack or under cabinet wine bottle holder might be the best solution for you. They are designed to fit neatly under cabinets and can hold 5 bottles of your favorite wine. You can also use an under cabinet stemware rack to keep your wine glasses close by. A hanging wine rack is a unique and stylish way to store your wine bottles. It can be hung from the ceiling or a wall-mounted bracket and can hold up to five bottles of wine. If you're looking for a classic look, a wrought iron wine rack might be an ideal option. These wine racks under cabinet or wine holders for the cabinet are durable and can be used to store wine bottles. If you're looking for a minimalist design, a wine rack wall mounted might be perfect for you. The wine rack for the wall is available and can hold multiple bottles of wine or liquor. The wall wine racks for wine bottles are available in black, to match your wine décor.


  • 5 Sectional bottle rack.
  • Attractive black finish
  • Sturdy steel material
  • Sleek modern design
  • Easy reach to your wine shelf


Product Dimensions: W 23.5” x H 3.9” x D 5.5"

Package Also Includes: Mounting Hardware, a Mini Level and Instructions Manual