PICCOLA Under Cabinet Stemware and Wine Rack – 6 Sectional – Black


If you're a wine lover and looking for a smart way to organize your collection, an under cabinet wine rack is an excellent option. These racks are designed to save space and keep your bottles and glasses neatly organized. With an under cabinet wine rack, you can utilize the space under your cabinet to store your wine collection and accessories. You can choose from various designs and styles of under cabinet wine racks in our collection. Some racks come with wine glass holders under the shelf, which are perfect for keeping your glasses within reach. Wallniture Piccola under cabinet wine rack is a popular choice among wine enthusiasts. It's an elegant and functional wine glass and bottle holder that can hold up to 6 bottles and 10 glasses. It's made of durable metal and can be easily installed under any cabinet or shelf. If you prefer Piccola hanging wine rack, your wine bar will be stylish and tidy. A hanging wine glass rack is a great way to keep your glasses organized and easily accessible. Piccola hanging wine racks can hold both glasses and bottles, while others are designed specifically for glasses. Whether you're looking for an under cabinet wine bottle holder, a wall mount wine rack, or a wine bottle holder for a cabinet, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs within easy reach. With an under cabinet wine holder, you can free up valuable counter space and showcase your collection in style.


  • 6 Sectional bottle rack
  • 5 Sectional glass rack to store up to 10 glasses
  • Sturdy steel material
  • Sleek design for both modern and rustic decor
  • Easy reach for your favorite bottles and glasses


Product Dimensions: W 21.4” x H 4.3” x D 7.3"

Package Also Includes: Mounting Hardware, and Instructions Manual