PLAT Steel Wall Shelf – 15.8", 23.6", 30.5" Length

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Installing shelves within reach will help you work faster to provide better customer service all the time, a chef needs to be organized to work more productively and efficiently to serve the best food. Heavy-duty construction is perfect for commercial use, use it in your restaurant, bar, café, diner, hotel, or small eatery. It has a decent load capacity so, it will pleasantly hold your heavy restaurant plates.

▪ Great for keeping your home kitchen tidy.

▪ Easy to clean, you can wipe using a damp cloth.

▪ No Assembly Required.

▪ With concealed brackets, installation is a breeze.

▪ It has load capacity of 30 lbs (S), 40 lbs (M),  50 lbs (L)


Product dimensions: (S) 15.8", (M) 23.6", (L) 30.5" L x 7.5" D x 2.3" H

Package Also Includes: Wall Mounting Hardware