POCHE Vinyl Holder Rack Tablet Stand and Magazine Holder – White


If you want an alternative solution to your tablet cases that do not hold up your Ipad very well, Poche will be your best bet. The dreams of vinyl lovers can come to life with this rack. Displaying your favorite records will no longer be any of an issue. Put your walls into work and enjoy watching your LPs. This rack is also a great magazine holder, and a bookshelf. Keep your cookbooks within reach in your kitchen. Put it to work as workspace office organizer and let it hold your important files folders notes at view all the time.


  • Modern record, LP albums display rack
  • Sleek tablet and magazine stand
  • Alternative book display rack
  • Office and Desktop organizers
  • Space saver design to create a display of magazines, catalogs, books, vinyl records, pamphlets, and many more. 


Product Dimensions: W 7.5” x H 6.5” x D 4”

Package Also Includes: Wall Mounting Hardware and Instruction Manual.