RIVISTA Wire Basket 2 Sectional 17" Width - Black, White

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The ultimate holder of all things, is more compact with 2 sectionals. 

Once Rivista 2 sectional hanging wire basket is installed on your empty wall space you will instantly be ravished with the decor of your room. You can keep everything you need at arm’s length. Store files, magazines, books, mails, and more into this wire holder. Use it in your office, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, bathroom. Put on your wall or desktop. Balance lifestyle and functionality, and make things easier for yourself. It is also very easy to put it on the wall with included mounting hardware and "mini level".


Product Dimension: W 17” x H 11” x D 3.25"  (Each Section W 8.5")

Package Also Includes: Instructions Manual, Mounting Hardware, and a Mini Level