UTAH Multisize Wall BookShelf for Kids Room and Nursery decor – Set of 3 – White and Natural


A child's room can be a cluttered space, especially when it comes to books. To keep things organized, parents often turn to different kinds of bookshelves. There are many options available, including nursery bookshelves, floating bookshelves, wall bookshelves for kids, and hanging bookshelves for kids' rooms. One popular choice is the Wallniture Utah floating shelves. These white floating shelves are perfect for adding some extra storage to a child's room. They can be used as a kids floating bookshelf, a nursery bookshelf, or even as nursery shelves for the wall. They are easy to install and can hold a variety of different items, including books, toys, and decorations. These shelves are designed to be mounted directly onto the wall and can provide a sleek and modern look to a child's room. They are available in different colors and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any space. For a more traditional look, there are also white nursery shelves and white wall bookshelves. These bookshelves provide a classic look that can be easily integrated into any decor. They can be used as a nursery wall shelf, a kids wall bookshelf, or even as a floating bookshelf nursery. Overall, there are many options to choose from when it comes to bookshelves for kids. Whether you prefer a floating bookshelf, a wall bookshelf, or something in between, there is a solution out there that can help keep your child's room organized and clutter-free


  • Set of 3
  • Varying size for multi use
  • Sturdy construction, made of pine wood
  • Minimalist modern design
  • Comes with mounting hardware, an allen key and a mini level

Product Dimensions: 

  • Small: L 17" x D 4.4" x H 4" 
  • Medium: L 20" x D 4.4" x H 4" 
  • Large: L 24" x D 4.4" x H 4" 

Weight Capacities: 

  • Small: Up to 12 Lbs (Drywall Installation) 
  • Medium: Up to 15 Lbs (Drywall Installation)  
  • Large: Up to 18 Lbs (Drywall Installation) 


Package Also Includes: Wall Mounting Hardware, an Allen Key, a Mini Level, and Instructions Manual