WOODARIES Hanging Collage Picture Frame - 4” x 6” Photos - Walnut - Set of 2


These all-natural wood 4" x 6" frames are great for displaying memories and so much more. Love photography? Display your favorite work! Do you travel the world or enjoy taking pictures of worldwide cuisines? It doesn’t matter what your passion is, you can create a corner with your extensive work and showcase it proudly. Showcase your life proudly: You shouldn’t have to choose between your most favorable wedding photos, display all your amazing shots at once. You can display your child’s incredible moments without having to choose between the cute poses. Give Someone Special a Gift! Need an inexpensive, DIY and decorative gift idea? This product is the perfect solution for your needs. You can get this for anyone who enjoys spending time with art and crafts or for someone who loves showcasing photos. The Collage Picture Frames Will Help You To: Create a memorable wall space with your favorite moments and loved ones. Decorate your dull space and add your personal touch with a simple drawing pen, paint or art. 


  • For 4x6 Pictures.
  • Create your own rustic picture frame design.
  • 8 photo frame.
  • All-natural Wood Material.
  • Perfect wood for DIY projects.

Product Dimensions: 

  • Each Frame Measures 5.75” x 7.75” | Fits a 4 x 6 Picture 
  • Height of Collage 27.50 inches 

Package Also Includes: Mounting Hardware and Installation Manual.