BOTO Wall Mount Towel Rack – Straight Style – 3, 4 Pieces – Black

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The Wallniture wrought iron metal towel rack is the perfect addition to any bathroom looking for a functional and stylish way to organize towels. With its sleek black iron finish, this towel rack wall mounted adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom decor. The Wallniture Boto towel rack, a variation of the popular Wallniture towel rack, features a unique design that allows for easy organization and storage of rolled towels.These towel racks for bathroom wall mounted are not only practical, but they also help maximize space by keeping towels off the floor and countertops. The towel organizer for bathroom can hold multiple towels at once, making it ideal for households with multiple people.The bathroom towel storage wall mounted feature of these towel racks is especially useful for those with smaller bathrooms. 

 The wall mounted towel holder can be installed easily, and the towel holder wall mount is sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest towels.Whether you opt for the Wallniture Boto wrought iron towel rack or the classic black towel rack, these towel holders for bathroom wall mounted are sure to impress. The wall mounted towel storage is perfect for those who need extra storage space for towels but don't want to sacrifice floor space.In conclusion, a wall towel rack for rolled towels is a must-have for any bathroom looking to maximize space and keep towels organized. The Wallniture towel rack and its variations, such as the Wallniture Boto towel rack and wrought iron towel rack, are stylish and functional options that are sure to meet any bathroom's needs.


  • 8.5mm wrought iron
  • 3, or 4  pieces towel holder
  • Stackable design
  • Mount all on one wall or use them individually 
  • Easy to install with included hardware


Product Dimensions:

  • Each Rack's Dimensions:   L 6.8" x D 5.2" x H 6.9"
  • 3 Pieces Overall Height: 19.3"
  • 4 Pieces Overall Height: 26.2" 

Package Also Includes: Mounting Hardware, a Mini Level and Instructions Manual