WOODALPS 5" x 7" Wooden Picture Frame - Set of 10


This all-natural wood 5" x 7" frame is great for coloring, painting, drawing and so much more. Give life to your favorite memories and inspire everyone with your custom design frames. The unfinished wood is easy to work with and perfect for crafting, events or DIY projects. The wooden frame has a plastic protector and will not break when it falls over, making it safer to use around kids. Paint the frames with colors that will blend perfectly with your home decor. Each frame is designed to rest vertically or horizontally for multiple display options.


  • 5 x 7 set of 10 picture frames
  • Great for event planning
  • Makes crafting fun and easy
  • Breakage and chip-free plexiglass
  • Easy to work with Unfinished wood


Product Dimensions: H 8.3" x W 6.3" | For 5x7 Pictures

Package Also Includes: Wall Mounting Hardware and Instruction Manual.